Direct Help

Donation to Karuna Setu Trust is exempted under section 80 G of income Tax Act 1961


Direct Help

We believe right to food is fundamental right of human beings.Since its inception karuna setu trust has been involved in free grain distribution. Free grain distribution is one of prime activities of the trust. Every month trust distributes free grain to widows and needy ones.More than 120 beneficiaries belong to vadnagar and apart from vadnagar more than 300 beneficiaries belong to surendarnagar district. Agazia families ,were male life expectancy is very low , widows with children are provided with food grain kits every month to support them. Families from remote villages like zinzuwada, vadgam , odu , kharakhoda , himatpura , bajania , navapura , makadi , parabakia are main beneficiaries.

Every day Free tiffins (lodging) to patients and attendants of hospital (about 10,000 beneficiaries over the years) are provided

Karuna Setu Trust also distributes clothes to needy ones and till date we have provided thousands of people with free clothes.

Karuna Setu Trust Is strong stand for people of India when it comes to calamity. Be it be Tsunami in south or earth quake in gujarat or earth quake in J&k , Karuna participates in rebuidling of villages,towns and providing support to victims.