Donation to Karuna Setu Trust is exempted under section 80 G of income Tax Act 1961


Karuna Setu Trust Activities -2010-2011

1. Free Food Grain Distribution and cash donation to following :
a) Food grain distribution and cash donation continued in vadnagar.
b) 500 Families at patadi taluka ,surendarnagar(Little runn of kutch)
2. Free Meal to needy , patients and care takers- around 50 beneficiar
1. Regular Breakfact for kids
2. Boys hostel (Free lodging , boarding , education) at zinzuwada (60 students) an for children of salt workers
3. 16 Students could continue their studies in dhangadra hostel due to support from Respected Shri Ramesh Bhai
4. Virampur Tribal Students could continue their studies in four primary schools due to support from Respected Shri Hasmukhbhai
5. Free note books , uniform , fees to needy (Around 1000 beneficiaries from remote village of vadnagar,jihnjhuvada,kharakhoda)
6. Educational Support to bright students for entire years
7. Slate , Compass and other additional material distributed to needy students.
8. 8000 plus students from virampur,jihnjuvada,patadi got benefitted from distribution of note books on concession price (40% of actual cost)
1. Distribution of ayurvedic medicine, kadi jadi powder in vadnagar and adjoining areas.
2. 30 units of blood collected from blood donation camp held on birth anniversary of Dr vasant parikh . Every doner was given a gift by one of admirers of Dr Vasant Parikh.
3. Free eye camp benefitted 200 patients.
4. 100 plus eye operations done in vasant prabha hospital.
5. Urologist and Leproscopy services added in vasant prabha hospital
6. Free Eye Operations In remembarance of Dr Vasant Parikh Done in dolka .
7. Physician services added in Vasant Prabha Hospital
8. On birth anniversary of Dr vasant parikh 5 patients benefitted from lepropacy surgery.
9. Provided 2 lakh worth equipments to mahuha based charitable hospital.
10. Free dailysis of 15 patients in ahmedabad kidney hospital
11. Free khajur,singh chiki,laadu for patients of civil hospital and kidney hospital.
12. Pay as you please scheme benefitted many patients.
Cloth Distribution
1. Cloth Distribution in vadnagar and surendar nagar.
2. Warm Cloth distribution in little runn of kutch.
3. Sari,Dhoti distribution to needy ones.
4. Provided saris to two brides.
Employment Support
1. In jhinjuvada taluka , karuna setu trust started training of 26 women in sewing machine
2. 150 families provided with taad patri to protect their kacha makaans from rainy season
Other Activities
1. 180 students (boys and girls) of vadnagar college tested for telsimia without cost.
2. Provided food, toys and clothes to kids
3. 32000 catract operations done in 40 days in bihar . Every year banshadi trust organizes camps for catract operation which is supported by karuna setu trust.
4. Continued with pasti daan initiative .